Bespoke uPVC Frames


Do you want your home to stand out from the rest of the street? Our range of bespoke UPVC windows and doors will add value to your home and keep it looking its best for years to come.

If you want a window unlike anything else on your road, then why not purchase a beautiful bespoke UPVC window from Radius Arches? Whatever size, shape or style window you want, we can design, produce, supply and fit it for you. We are happy to help take measurements and provide ideas and suggestions should you require them. So even if you’re not sure what you want, we can help you find it!

All our UPVC windows and doors are built to highest standards, and you can be certain that you are buying a product that will last your home for many years. We use the latest technology to produce a UPVC window that is guaranteed to add value to your home. And, with our new technology, we are able to supply window frames in a variety of colours, meaning your windows will complement your home beautifully.

There is a wealth of possibilities when designing windows. We can produce UPVC windows in all shapes and sizes, meaning you get the window you want without any added fuss.

Why Should You Choose A UPVC Window?

UPVC windows and doors have a range of benefits, which set them apart from windows made from traditional materials.

  • Energy Saving – Our UPVC windows retain the heat of your home, meaning that your house is kept warmer for longer. With less heat escaping, you don’t need to heat the house for as long, saving you a fortune in energy bills.
  • Noise Reducing – Unlike thinner panes of glass, UPVC windows are natural noise blockers which are ideal if you happen to live on a busy road or in a noisy area.
  • Simple to Maintain – UPVC windows can withstand the worst of the weather, and continue to look their best for many years with just the minimum amount of maintenance.
  • Added Value – With the rising demand of energy efficient homes, and family friendly environments, more and more of us are turning to UPVC windows and doors. Installing them in your home now is a fantastic investment for the future, as they could increase the value of your home significantly when you come to sell.

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If you’re thinking of getting new windows and doors for your home, then get in touch with us today to ask about our Bespoke UPVC windows service. We will be happy to talk to you about the range of options we have on offer. Get in touch with Radius Arches today!